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In Today’s day of Digital Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

It is absolutely imperative for cannabis companies to use Internet marketing to grow their cannabis business.

The online cannabis industry is super competitive with many different kinds of canna companies & cannabis entrepeneurs coming out of every corner! That is why A9 Canna Marketing Agency has learned through years of marketing activities in the online cannabis space. We also have a team of marketing pros who are experts in cannabis use.

This normally gives our clients in the cannabis industry a sense of comfort, as they know they are dealing with professionals who know how to find the right target audience & customers primarily through SEO. We are an SEO agency that uses SEO techniques and strategies to take out clients’ rankings to the next level.

We also market online marijuana dispensaries through platforms like:

-email marketing -Facebook marketing

– influencer marketing -Instagram marketing

-cannabis news marketing -Tik Tok marketing & other social Media Sites

-brand promotions marketing -Youtube Marketing

-informational promotion marketing -Marijuana directory marketing

-programmatic advertising & marketing -Young Persons Marketing

-And other marketing activities

Google does not provide paid search options in the online cannabis industry due to the Federal Government Cannabis Act. It is also quite common for online cannabis companies to have their domain taken down or penalized.

Cannabis businesses that do not even promote illegal or recreational drugs, get struck down by Google & hosting sites, and cant do paid search. This is why it is so important for cannabis brands to hire professional cannabis marketers who know how to safely promote cannabis online dispensaries.

Due to some of these cannabis brands working in the ‘grey’ area of Canada’s legal cannabis act, social media presence is an important way of marketing cannabis. That is of course only for the grey & black cannabis companies promoting and selling their products in the online cannabis industry.

However, due to cannabis regulations & the cannabis act, the Federal government will not allow any cannabis businesses to promote illegal products during their cannabis marketing. This is to protect public health, promote cannabis in a prescribed place, while at the same time protecting young persons during any cannabis marketing.

In the Cannabis space in Order to legalize cannabis & imply recreational drug use, it is important to the Federal Government that it does not raise any health risks. Again, this implies the goal to protect public health and young persons not getting their hands on Cannabis too easily. This is just one aspect the government had to think of to legalize cannabis for recreational cannabis use.

For health risks, cannabis regulations state young persons are not able to buy marijuana or cannabis until they are 19 years old. In other words, with cannabis marketing protecting young persons is very important. That is of course unless you can find a cannabis doctor who distributes cannabis in a prescribed manner. Negative emotion can come from other cannabis marketing platforms that are against the Cannabis Act and believe it has health effects.

Marketing activities for marketing cannabis after the official Cannabis Act have become more difficult. Whether it is a positive or negative emotion, marketing cannabis is here to stay. Even if the cannabis marketing brand preference promotion says any different you need it to get a social presence or promote cannabis.

Due to the marketing recreation excitement vitality risk in the cannabis industry. A business will need to promote business brand elements or at least a brand element for their cannabis marketing activities for their cannabis business.

This can provide a positive or negative emotion about the canna marketing activities.

So what is glamour recreation excitement vitality? It sounds like a mouthful but glamour recreation excitement vitality is simply the cannabis act implemented by the government of Canada to regulate cannabis and marijuana. They Created the glamour recreation excitement vitality knowing that cannabis marketing would effect the recreation excitement vitality risk.

Some cannabis accessory are to strong for the average person, so that effects the recreation excitement vitality risk for cannabis marketing.

Upcoming events are important in the canna marketing space because there are lots of cannabis job seekers, potential cannabis customers, cannabis consumers and other businesses offering cannabis services or at least communicating cannabis information regarding the latest cannabis news or services.

Communicating special cannabis information between other cannabis platforms can create an erroneous impression, that can create general prohibitions, vitality risk or daring.

That is why you need a cannabis digital expert who can promote your cannabis through social media and other platforms by taking reasonable steps in communicating information about their cannabis services. This reduces the chances of any cannabis general prohibitions, vitality risk or daring.

If you are not feeling brave I would not recommend the vitality risk or daring idea of selling cannabis in such a competitive space without any marketing. Media superstars normally will take on a brand deal that includes glamour and not care much about the public safety or legal aspect of the market.

They will assess the deal on their social media platform communicating information and services to their site or brand and then use it as an example of what got them there.

Marijuana marketers can be shady as well. There are a lot of businesses who use social media services to promote their website but forget that the marketers they targeted have a completely different audience that includes glamour. Not the brand of the marijuana industry.

Public safety can be a legal aspect as well. Marketers must be careful what kind of industry the market website is trying to sell their product to.

For Example: Marketers for a non legal brand, who use a market like facebook to sell the product of their brand might get caught and in trouble. It could affect their marketers’ life in the industry.

Marketers beware, there are legal aspects to wrongful promoting a brand on a platform like facebook or other platforms and it could easily get demonetized and kill the life of the brand. Don’t push legal limits. We have seen it to many times were marketers think they know what they are doing, but forget there decisions effect the legal life of the brand they are promoting

At the end of the day, once you have found the right online dispensary, you should have faith that they are totally legitimate. This is. because they would not be ranking on the first page if they weren’t. There products will vary in strains to put you in many states & make you feel a better way.

They most likely will be using a professional SEO company that uses the best practices to create great brand awareness.